Artist Statement / Process

Leaf print series in process

My work is as much about the process as it is about the subject matter.  Whether the lens is from my cell phone, scanner, or digital camera, it all begins with my photographs.  Sometimes these images are manipulated in Photoshop, sometimes not.

I prepare the printing plate using a non-toxic photopolymer etching process. Using  etching ink, I hand wipe the plate, varying my inking each time, and run the plate through an etching press, printing onto fine art paper.  The spirit of adventure and experimentation are constant during the process.

Using the photograph as the foundation etched into the plate, the imagery often develops further by selectively inking in both intaglio and relief methods, as well as painting onto the surface of a plate.

Although often working in series, almost every piece I create is a unique print.  I’m never exactly sure how the print will look until I pull it from the press, and embrace the element of surprise inherent in the medium.